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Sie sind eingeladen, alles, was Sie möchten, Dank und Bitte, oder auch einfach einen Gruß in dieses Buch zu schreiben. Ihre Gebetsanliegen werden von den internationalen Anbetungsschwestern mit ins Urheiligtum genommen und in den Krug gelegt. Jeweils bei der Bündnisfeier am 18. des Monats werden die Zettel dann im Feuer auf dem Pilgerplatz verbrannt.

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, 23. 08. 2017



vertraulich (Eintrag wird hier nicht angezeigt)



04. 05. 2017

To always be biologically age 33, whole and intact, with an ideal and exceptional genome, very fit with very great health and even greater well-being in order to be one of Mary's very greatest Marines.


Córdoba capital- Argentina, 03. 05. 2017

- Mater intercede ante Dios para que mis hijos obtengan los títulos profesionales y mi hijo Rodrigo sea contratado efectivo y progrese en su empleo.
-Mater por favor intecede ante Dios para que mejore de salud.
- Gracias Mater por todos los favores recibidos.

María Alejandra Pfeiffer de Monserrat

03. 05. 2017

Today and always, complete trust in Jesus and Mary, to fully live mercy, to fully praise and thank God for everything and to be the littlest soul at heart. Also, that I always receive from Jesus and Mary the fullness of their help with all my sufferings, especially when my suffering is at its highest pitch and I'm caught in the breech with no help to be found anywhere.


03. 05. 2017

To find the best, most excellent way to obtain the heights of holiness that can possibly ever exist, to fully understand it and to fully put it into practice.


03. 05. 2017

To obtain the highest heights of holiness not by climbing, nor by trust, nor by doing anything at all, but simply by an outrageously extravagant act of the incomprehensible and unfathomable Mercy of God that boundlessly and endlessly gives forever and ever with no thought of getting whatsoever. AMEN.


02. 05. 2017

Complete trust in Jesus, to always fully live mercy, to always praise and thank God for everything, to always be the littlest soul at heart. That Mary always sweetens my cross so that I feel almost none of its weight. That Jesus always helps me and carries me, maybe even taking on most of my cross.


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