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Monthly prayer impulse

Brennendes Herz

Adoration is like
… a burning heart

What is a burning heart and how can our heart catch fire for what is so dear to Jesus?

It is the Holy Spirit who transports this love of God into our hearts. A burning heart is a gift!

Is my heart burning for Jesus or have I lost the burning heart in the last weeks or maybe for a long time? Or do I have a burnt out heart? Am I exhausted?

It could be a request in this Advent, the request for a burning heart!

We can never pray enough for a burning heart! If we burn for Jesus, then Jesus will meet other people through us.

Not far away from the world - such a relationship of love will also carry us through the crisis. Everything that still awaits us must not be looked at with fear, but out of love, i.e. out of his love, because I lack the strength, because I am too small - to understand what is happening around us and with us at the moment - in his love there is a deeper meaning!

So that we can bear witness: Then our eyes were opened and we recognised Him. And we said to each other: Did not our heart burn within us when HE spoke to us? (cf. Lk 24:30-32)

Text: Markus M. Amrein
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



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