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Monthly prayer impulse


Adoration is like …
… gathering together and sending out

Like the little seeds
at the centre of the dandelion clock,
so we come together in adoring Jesus.

the many all over the world
who gather around Jesus and adore him.
are those in Schoenstatt
who come together for adoration.
are all those
whom we bring with us for our time of adoration.
includes all our senses that we gather together,
all our thoughts that we gather together,
all our feelings that we gather together.
includes all in heaven united with us in the covenant.

We want to gather together
all and everything into our Eucharistic adoration
in order to be wholly with Jesus.
In this coming together something happens.
something matures within us
like the seeds of the dandelion clock.

Mary, Mother of Adoration,
Queen of eternal adoration,
gather us together,
lead our entire being into adoration,
let us mature through meeting Jesus.

Then intercede for us for the courage
to allow ourselves to be sent out
by the breath and storm of the Holy Spirit,
to bring his love to all people – as you did!

Text: Sr. M. Joséfa Klein
Translation: Mary Cole



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