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Monthly prayer impulse


Worship is the time ...
... to grow in the Covenant of Love

Current changes create uncertainty and I do not know what tomorrow will bring! Every new day with a flood of opinions brings many new questions!

How can I live from myself and go my own way?

Near Mary we are given a new orientation, it is love that encourages us and promotes our own activity.

It is easy to understand that Mary wants to accompany us on a path that she already knows. - Her heart was the first to love Jesus. - She was the best and most faithful disciple of Jesus and companion of the apostles - even in the midst of trials and pain.

We may entrust our hearts to Mary, so that through her we may experience personally: I am the beloved daughter. I am the beloved Son.

Life has enough unresolved questions, but it is not only about life here, because as human beings we will all one day stand before this God of love. Whoever allows himself to be touched by this love today can also allow last questions of life. It is decisive that we grow into this, into an unconditional love, Mary was the unconditional love in person.

A covenant of love grows in us through the adoration of God, it is a movement of our heart towards God.

Text: Markus M. Amrein
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



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