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Adoration in May - Marian month - European month

The corona crisis has been going on for several weeks now - fears, loneliness, existential anxieties and much more is depressing people all over the world.

And yet the Christian message after Easter is: The grave is empty, the Saviour has risen!

The Easter person prays - especially in times of crisis: "Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, the peoples of all tongues, that you have risen from death, salvation has come to us. Lord, stay with us when the evening comes, so that we do not go astray! So the flock will rise gloriously like the shepherd! Hallelujah!"

How can we give thanks and worship in May 2020?

Our thanks in the month of May could be

"Thank you, Lord, for the 75 years of peace since the end of the war on 8 May 1945. Thank you, Lord, for the 70 years since the "Schuman Declaration" on 9 May 1950, and that the European Union commemorates its founding on that day. Thank you for the great Christian politicians of that time."

With Mary we can pray hopefully: "You will also look upon our lowliness in this difficult time and give us your mercy. In Adoration, we want to "use the time of silence, of solitude, of rest, to consecrate ourselves anew like the Blessed Mother, and to respond to what God asks of us, to let our soul be formed into a temple of the Holy Spirit.

P. Joseph Kentenich, “My Heart - Your Shrine”, p. 60

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



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