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Events and changes from 1934 to 1939

The boys in the College got the idea to bring back the remains of Hans Wormer and Max Brunner, who had fallen in France during the First World War, and to give them their final resting place beside the shrine. They also hoped to find Joseph Engling's remains. They succeeded with the first two, but Joseph Engling's grave has never been found. Long reports record this undertaking in the periodicals published in 1934 and 1935, and report in detail on what happened.


Feast of the Assumption 1934

Max Brunner und Hans Wormer home to Schoenstatt

A report in the “Altera Maria”, 4th Year 1934/35 about the solemn Holy Mass in Schoenstatt to celebrate the return of Max Brunner and Hans Wormer to Schoenstatt.


18 October 1934

Our Jubilee Feast

Extract from a circular letter printed in “Altera Maria” (1934/35) on our Jubilee Feast 1934 in Schoenstatt.


12 November 1935

The statues of the Apostles and the second crown

Mary “Queen of the Apostles”.


15 December 1935

The Engling Stone - Blessing on Gaudete Sunday

Report from “Schönstattquell” in the Joseph Engling Year 1936 about the blessing of the Engling Stone.


18 October 1939

The Jubilee Crowning and the Third Crown

Looking back on the crowning of the Mta in 1939.

Together with Brunner and Wormer families

A religious play for the blessing

The second crown

The Engling Stone

The third crown

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