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Monthly prayer impulse

Leuchtende Wolke

See the light behind a large, dark cloud

The picture – chosen in January for April – shows a cloud to symbolise Christ’s passion. Behind it we can dimly perceive radiant light – for the Resurrection.

In these weeks our everyday lives have been significantly darkened by the Corona virus. To some extent profound changes have taken place in our daily lives. In addition we are often afraid of falling ill, and we fear the financial consequences, need, suffering and even death.

Mary’s Seven Sorrows remind us of the suffering and crises the Mother of God had to undergo.

We ask her:

‘with your Son, the Saviour, you have been commissioned
to restore to us the life of grace we wasted,
keeping from us many of earth’s tribulations,
or allaying them and working our salvation.’
(From Fr Kentenich’s Prayer in Need in Heavenwards)

May Adoration - at present before the closed tabernacle, or in our home and heart shrines - open our eyes for God’s light that we dimly perceive behind the dark cloud, and strengthen our trust.

Text: Renate Sladkovic
Translation: Mary Cole



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