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Consecration Prayer of the “Swiss Chain” 1959

Dear Mother Thrice Admirable and Queen of Schoenstatt, you have called us this evening to the graves. Here those members rest who first entered into the covenant with you. We owe it to them that your shrine came into existence and developed into the great work of God it is today. Our young confreres and their fatherly head have left us a legacy we want to pass on. We know that this task is difficult today. Yet we remain faithful to the last in as far as our weakness combined with God’s grace allows.

The chain in front of the grave, which we have given, expresses our attitude: We want to protect what has developed here and pass it on.
We will do all in our power to achieve this.
We carry out this task together, remain united and never yield. We know that it depends on each link.

Yet we fear our weaknesses and the tricks of the devil. So, united today as the links in this chain, we have come here to our Mother and ask her:

Mother, show us the right path, because in the confusion we will not be able to find it alone!
Mother, give us the strength to remain faithful to you and to give our all for your mission.
Mother, form us into perfect and useful instruments. Give us the correct faith in your guidance and the God-willed attitude of obedience.
Mother, strengthen our community. Through it we will find a home and support.

If we love you in the right way, we can dare everything, just as the apostles dared everything once they had prayed with you. So together with you we pray for the Holy Spirit, so that he may lead us, enlighten and strengthen us, to be a chain in our founder’s legacy. Amen.

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