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Reason for Gratitude 1945

On 16 October Fr Kentenich said among other things:

Today an initial victorious act offers itself to us to be savoured and enjoyed. The two songs have described and revealed what it is. Our little shrine has been preserved unharmed and returned to us, our Paradisal meadow has been preserved unharmed and returned to us, our Schoenstatt has been given back to us.

Should we spend the day savouring and enjoying this first great event sufficiently? Only those will understand our joy, our jubilation, our longing, our gratitude, who with us knows Schoenstatt’s importance in our whole Family history, in our life’s history. Only those will understand it who with us knows about the great threat of the last years, which centred more and more on this holy place, on our holy ground.

I don’t want to say anything today about the dangers, difficulties and battles surrounding Schoenstatt. In the next talk the appointed person will tell you about this. Fr Muehlbeyer, who coped here as the “faithful Eckart”, not only saw everything outwardly and experienced it inwardly, he also recorded everything with great care. So in the next talk he will shed new light on it for you. I would like to ask you, however, not to overlook the clear theme, which is repeatedly enlarged upon, when you listen to these small and great events. The same applies to the other talks, except tomorrow morning’s.

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