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The New Light Frame 1947

We, the Institute of our Lady of Schoenstatt (Frauen von Schoenstatt), have been searching for some time for something to represent us in the shrine and make us present there. Fr Muehlbeyer got the idea that we should give the light frame around the picture of grace, because it would have to be replaced at some time.

After all sorts of disappointments – we had once planned to give the MTA the crucifix for the altar in the shrine – we received the permission today (1 August 1946) to give the Blessed Mother the light frame around the MTA picture as our crowning gift on 18 October 1946. This gave us great joy.

We hoped that by the 18 October 1946 we would be able to give a drawing of the frame and the materials for it. It was obvious that the frame itself would not be ready in time.

The 20 May, which since1945 had become a great day of thanksgiving for the whole Schoenstatt Family, was particularly important for our Family (Frauen von Schoenstatt) in 1947. Our gratitude and love were to find visible expression in the new light frame.

The Monday (19.5.1947) was devoted to the outer preparations.

The celebration began at 9 p.m. Representatives from all the other sections of the Movement had arrived. The celebration itself was, all agreed, classically beautiful. Its climax – except for unveiling and dedicating the light frame – was Fr Muehlbeyer’s address.

Some of our Sisters kept watch in the shrine during the night, and after a brief rest the others gathered in the shrine again early on the 20th. Fr Muehlbeyer spoke to us about the covenant of love before Holy Mass. Before the Offertory we prayed our prayer and placed our promise on the paten, so that it could be included in the Mass. The covenant of love had been sealed! Deeds have to follow. The light frame is a symbol of our gratitude, our readiness of sacrifice and our love. It must also be a silent admonition.

On 21 May a telegramme of congratulations arrived from Fr Kentenich in South America.

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