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Replacement of the Altar Stone 1949

Fr Kolb’s report

From the Letter to the Sick Nr. 8, 1949:

Today I can pass on the news to you that our dearest wish has been fulfilled. On the eve of 18 October 1949, I and a small group of representatives of the Apostolate of the Sick and Housebound at the October Week gathered at 10 p.m. to place our symbol, the altar stone, into the altar in the shrine. Relics of St Tranquillus (the calm) and St Celestine (the heavenly) had been placed into the reliquary for which we had sacrificed.
Very simply, in keeping with the circumstances and our way of doing things, the altar was stripped of its cloths. Fr Fischer, who had been commissioned by Fr Kolb, our chaplain, officiated. He also offered up Holy Mass next morning, 18 October, first of all for the Apostolate of the Sick. Throughout the day from 1 a.m. until 2 p.m. one Holy Mass followed the other with hardly any break – offered up on our altar stone. Our symbol could not have had a better consecration. I am sure we will all rejoice and feel more united than ever with our place of grace. Those of us who tried to inscribe their name spiritually into the altar stone will now be all the more strongly united there.

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