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A Walk through Schoenstatt 1933

From: Altera Maria, Year 3, Nr. 2 of 1 May 1933, p. 65 f.

In the midst of all this (Note: in the previous articles in the magazine) let us take a look into the life of our modern families. It is possible that our desire to help has never before been so aroused to actively direct the need of the unconverted in far off heathen lands.

Yes, we at home want to look around to see what has been happening recently. Each tiny corner interests us, indeed each tiny change is important to us, simply because it is our home, because our Mother Thrice Admirable reigns here with so much grace.

It would be good to knock first at the Wildburg, in order to ask about our accommodation – especially when we come on pilgrimage to Schoenstatt during the holiday season. Otherwise it could happen that after a while we will have to walk with our belongings down to the two new towers. (Note: The two new towers is a refernce to the towers of the Wildburg, because the year before the second tower near the shrine had collapsed.)

The Wildburg has become a real home. It has only one disadvantage – that it is so far away from the little shrine. Originally it was intended to be the Mother House of the Sisters of Mary, but this only lasted a few months. Already on 1 June last year the Mother House was transferred to the old home of the Federation near the shrine. Now the Wildburg accommodates the Postulants, a whole lot of Sisters, and – especially during the holiday season – it opens its doors to our Schoenstatt Family and takes in all the guests when they look for a quiet spot after their tiring work out in the world. The house at the back in the courtyard, which was once intended for the laundry and sewing room, is still an incomplete building – because of a “lack of surplus”.

But now closer to our Mother! The Home of the Federation greets us; we wander over to the shrine, past the “stone ruins” that still await their final destiny. We are now standing in front of Schoenstatt’s famous landmark – the ancient tower, which since last year has become a silent hermit. All around everything has been removed. Only the front house remains where the Pallottine Brothers are living.

We walk round one corner, then another and – we find ourselves in front of the shrine. Involuntarily we fall silent and our pace quickens. Now we are home! Look at St Michael, he has got new clothes! And those who have been coming here a long time will remember the ancient, soft floor. It has given way to something new. In April last year (1932) it was covered with a firm tarmac surface. This was covered with beams and new floorboards were laid on top. (Note: This refers to a parquet floor.) All sorts of slips of paper with secret wishes were placed underneath – but only the Blessed Mother may know about them!

In the Mother House opposite there is a great toing and froing – it is really a symbol of our Apostolic Movement! Sisters on holiday, or who come to course Sundays, or have their eight-day or four week retreat – all may spend these times very close to the shrine.

Now let us continue our journey. We follow the garden wall past the former factory (Note: the so-called Old Wasserburg.). To our surprise the fresh faces of young boys look out of the windows. At Easter last year the Pallottine Society bought the house and garden, because they could no longer accommodate the growing number of boys in the College. At the back in the Wambachtal they are busy laying a larger playing field. You can already see what it will be like. A large part of the valley has already been filled in and leveled, and it won’t take too long before the youngsters can romp around to their hearts’ content.

Come further with me! At the place where the road divides to go to Hillscheid or Hoehr you will find Sonneck. If you could have observed things in the last few months, you would have noticed that almost only Sisters go in and out here. On the 18 September last year (1932) it became the Tertianship House. However, in summer it has to be at the disposal of our guests. The nicest thing about the house is the little chapel, for which the balcony room was used. It is a real gem! At the moment two Tertianships are living there. Besides the current one, there is a Missionary Tertianship!

We are approaching a great and very important event. In Autumn last year a request was received from distant Africa whether the Sisters of Mary would take over a Mission Station in South Africa. In a trice the prospect of this daring leap into the wide world dominated all hearts: Schoenstatt is our world, and the world must become Schoenstatt. …

The Home of the Federation has undergone a single important structural change: the dining room to the right of the clock and the first little parlour have been combined to form a really homely reading room. It is meant for the guests who take part in days of recollection and also as a sitting room.

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