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Little Understanding for the Way the Marian Sodality worked

In the records of the Senior Sodality the new Spiritual Director was nowhere mentioned by name. At the beginning of January 1922 there is the terse statement on p.38: ‘The general chronicle reported on the new situation and the coup.

There we can read:

3 October 1921: In the meantime there have been many changes. Rev. Fr Provincial issued a number of regulations with regard to the Sodality. These are:

  • The Saturday gatherings may not last more than 45 minutes.
  • In the absence of Rev. Fr Spiritual Director no highly ascetical subjects may be discussed (e.g. particular examination).
  • Only one talk may be given during the gatherings. This may last no longer than 5-10 minutes. Academies are not allowed.
  • Church gatherings and the celebration of general Communion may no longer take place in the Sodality chapel, but in the house chapel.

The Sodalists may not lay claim to the flag for themselves alone.

12 October 1921: Almost all the Sodalists disliked the new regulations. There is a mood of deep depression in the Sodality, which has a paralyzing effect on all the work of the Sodality. Gradually, however, the Magistrat (Sodality Council) and some of the zealous Sodalists to calm the hurt feelings. Our resolution is: ‘We want to bear this in the spirit of obedience.

Frp, 1919-1922 the Provincial Superior in Limburg was Fr Lettenbauer, as Fr Kolb’s successor. He did not like the existence and work of the Marian Sodality in the Schoenstatt College, nor did he like the shrine. Three years later, Fr Laqua became the Provincial. He appointed a new Spiritual Director for the College.

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