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Changes in 1924

Father Kolb’s Report

In the course of the years much had been improved in the shrine. To start with, the cold and damp floor, which was made of cement tiles, was replaced by a warm, wooden floor. Then the old and small pews were removed and replaced with the present ones, which naturally still bear the stamp of the period of inflation. Then the walls were dried out by adding ventilation shafts, and a thin second wall up to the window sills, and later to the ceiling, was added. I was able to win over one of our Brothers to help meet the not inconsiderable costs of the first renovation. He sacrificed his entire fortune of 4000 Marks for this purpose. So we didn’t need any further decisions of the Provincial Council for it.

The new benches were made in 1922 or 1923, that is, during the time of inflation. Unfortunately the old and small benches, which were in the chapel when new Schoenstatt was founded, have disappeared. The new benches have lasted well. In 1956 they were replaced by new ones. Since 1956 the “inflation benches” have been replaced by new ones. The “inflation benches” came to a chapel in Obergondershausen, and, should they no longer be wanted there, they have been left to the Sisters of Mary.

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