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The Original Shrine and Houses are Burgled 1975

KN Nr. X/3, 31.5.1975, p. 33:

On 22.1.1975, Pallotti’s feast day, we were met with a rude surprise at the original shrine. It had been burgled during the night. The window pane of the window that had recently been repaired after being damaged by fire, had been shattered. The “week-day crucifix” had been stolen, otherwise everything else was there. We suspect that it is an “act of revenge”, because young lads had wanted to break into the Wasserburg, but were seen off the premises by Fr Pieler, the rector.

Just in these days things were rather eerie at night. Young lads had had the cheek on a number of occasions to enter the house Klein Regina from above, as though they had every right to be there. The occupants of the house were very upset. The locks were changed and the police informed, and they kept watch. Then the house door of the “Schloesschen” was damaged by unknown offenders.

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