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Building Work in the Summer 1971

KN Nr. VI/27, 9.7.1971, p. 285:

On 9.7.1971 the final remains of the old Kretzer House were demolished. The rubble was moved to the eastern wall of the new Wasserburg in order to create a terrace. There is no doubt that from an aesthetical point of view the area around the Old Tower has been improved. However, there are even fewer reminders left that cloister buildings and cloister gardens, as well as a great basilica once stood here.

At present the last youth course is under way in which the participants are using the facilities of the youth house. The little house next to the Old Tower, once the stables of the Dorsemagens and later the Pallottines, is about to be demolished. As soon as they have moved into the new Wasserburg, the old Wasserburg will be demolished. As a result the appearance of the surroundings of the shrine will have been decisively changed.

KN Nr. VI/29, 20.7.1971, p. 308:

The surroundings of the shrine have been further beautified. The low wall around the forecourt to the shrine has been given a wooden cover, so that it has the effect of a long bench. When the original shrine is filled with worshippers, you can now sit down meditatively outside the shrine. The bench seems to have been installed on 19 July 1971.

KN Nr. VI/31 vom 9.8.1971, S. 324:

They are now demolishing the former stables that used to be called the “Jugendburg” (youth castle). The “Rittersaal” (Hall of Knights) of the first leaders of the Young Men’s Movement is being removed. All that will be left behind is the Old Tower which is a protected monument.

KN Nr. VI/32, 16.8.1971, p. 337:

Now that the ancient buildings have been removed, the Old Tower stands all on its own near the new Wasserburg, the only connection being the transformer for the new Wasserburg. An unusual sight! The total impression, however, is that the new building no longer looks so unwieldy. The large open space and the perpendicular lines of the tower have a pleasing effect on the onlooker. On the tower itself you can still see where the gable of the old “Jugendburg” were attached. The tower entrance towards the shrine has already been closed off with an iron door, so that the owls and bats no longer need to fear an inquisitive visitor.

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