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Annual Renovation 1969

KN Nr. IV/12 of 24.3.1969, p. 131:

Each year the original shrine is renovated interiorly and exteriorly. On 20.3.1969 after the Morning Masses it was closed to visitors until 23.3.1969, when it was again opened newly painted and in all its beauty. The East side of the Old House opposite the shrine was surrounded with scaffolding for a long time until the weather made it possible to repair the damage to the roof. The trees on the Pilgrims’ Place that had been felled lay around for a long time. Although they have now been removed, the area has not been tidied up until now.

KN Nr. IV/17 of 29.4.1969, p. 192:

The approach to the original shrine and Old House was re-tarred on 29.4.1969 and now looks tidy. However, some ancient remains of Schoenstatt’s early history have disappeared. On the mountain side of the Old House, where the building has been set back a few meters, there was once a house chapel. This is indicated by square stone flooring at that spot. Until now they have been visible, but now they are covered with tar.

Note: The chronicler Fr Klein was mistaken: The extension, which existed at the time the Pallottines bought the Old House in 1901, consisted of two rooms facing West, hence in the direction of Gilgenborn-Vallendar, which together form the house chapel. To the east of this, in the direction of the shrine, there were a laundry and toilets. When the walls of the latter rooms were demolished, the stone flagging remained behind, but were out in the open. These disappeared in April 1969 under the tar. The reconstruction of the state of the building in 1901 is based on the architectural plans in the house chronicle of the College.

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