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Vacation Apostolate

„Vacation Letter“ of 21.4.1915.

Reverend Father, you will probably ask, ‘What has he done as an apostle?’ Well, I haven’t achieved a tremendous amount, but I know that you don’t expect this. Until now I have managed to get my brothers and sisters to kneel for the night prayer, and I have taught them how important it is to awaken perfect contrition at night, and I have told them about our Mother Thrice Admirable. Reverend Father, if it is possible, please send me a prayer to the Mother Thrice Admirable. They could gradually learn it by heart, then I am sure they will pray it for the rest of their lives and also teach it to their children and friends.

My Godfather has had a bad foot for the last year. It has been opened four times already. He is still very young (about 35 and served with the infantry artillery). As you can imagine, he is not very patient in bearing his suffering, although he is now better able to accept it. I have told him about the Mother Thrice Admirable and said, ‘Why shouldn’t she help you? She is also your mother, etc.’ Finally he promised me, ‘If I get better, I will have a votive plaque put up in your Sodality Chapel.’ His children already pray to the MTA, and I help them along a lot. May I ask you to support me with your all-powerful prayers? ...

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