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Rejecting the Chapel Project

Extract from a Letter from Franz Wallbrunn

Since I am behind the lines with my Company, I want to make use of the opportunity to make contact once again. But I immediately want to bein with a matter that is very close to my heart. I have just receive issue 21 of the MTA from Fischer. To my regret I discover that there are some revolutionaries and innovators who are playing with the idea to enlarge the little, most beautiful and idyllic chapel at the gates of Schoenstatt’s walls.

As a co-founder of the Congregatio Mariana I have to protest against it vehemently.

It would seem that the conscience of the fellow Sodalist, who was weighing up this plan, was pricked, but was not listened to. I would really be very sorry if the chapel were enlarged! All the Sodalists will never be able to meet there, so that there will be a shortage of space. And if, as a result of tremendous growth, the chapel becomes too small, not much will be served by enlarging it, because sooner or later people will have to start to enlarge it again. When we have saved up enough money, there will still be time enough to get a new and bigger chapel. At least I think so.

(10.11.1916) Lieut. Wallbrunn, sod. Mar.

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