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Short Contributions

From the MTA Magazine Nr. 23 of 19 November 1916

A comrade gave me a Mark for two cards. I explained their purpose to him. However, he also wants the money to be used for the Sodalists’ Gratitude Fund.

(November 1916) Alfons Fleuchaus, sod. Mar.

Recently I was able to interest a honest trooper and a fuselier of my age for or MTA magazine. When the trooper heard about or war memorial, he immediately gave me two Mark, which I enclose. He said, ‘What I do for the Blessed Mother will be rewarded a thousandfold; of that I am sure.’


My brother, Heinrich, gave me a Mark from his savings. He wants to send the Blessed Mother something more often so that I return home from the battlefield safely. He is a wonderful fellow. You know him. We are all very proud of him, especially Father and Mother.

(11.11.1916) Wilh. Waldbröl, sod. Mar.

Also in my Company there are some comrades who are very impressed with our wonderful work. They were obviously pleased when I told them about our Sodality and our present work. They read the last issue of the MTA with great interest. However, what awakened their interest most was our lovely letter page. I have not been able to give away any yet, because I haven’t been sent any that have not been used. A number of the men have expressed the wish to have such letter pages so as to give joy at home. If you, Reverend Father, could let me have some, I could possibly do something for our chapel. One told me definitely that he wants to help us with the building. I have seldom come across something like this. But our Mother is thrice admirable, after all. Besides this, I would like to give you, Reverend Father, the address of a friend at home who would like to read the MTA. Both Waldbroel and I are keeping well on the Somme. The day after tomorrow we will again be in position trusting in our Mother’s protection.

(12.11.1916) Albert Eise, sod. Mar.

After three months of collecting the Sodality Gratitude Fond (for our war memorial) already has 430 Mark. (The Editor)

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