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Reflections on the Development of the Shrine

From Fr Kentenich’s Letter to Josef Fischer on 1 August 1916:

In addition, recall that this work is a definite embodiment of our ideals; that practical work for an idea deepens it; and that the great context: The erection of a Marian war memorial, generates warmth and enthusiasm. You will then have to admit that working in the above sense can offer our Sodalists great protection and a useful means to retain and deepen the right spirit. Since this means costs us nothing – economical exploitation of all our forces (cards and letters have already been produced, and what we don’t sell we will use ourselves, so that there is no financial risk connected with it) it would not be pedagogical to do without it. …

Of course we feel an obligation to contribute something personally to the Sodality Gratitude Fund. That should be done as already described.

You can see the significance of our chapel project from my programmatic letter and what Hafeneth has written. You could find other reasons yourself. …

Note regarding the contributions to the fund: That is, the sale of letter pages with the MTA picture.

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