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Joyful News from Rome

A.J.D.G. – A.S.A. – A.D.P.

“The Provincial Superior
of the Pallottine Missionary Society
to the
Leaders of the Apostolic Federation in Vallendar

The information you sent me about the purpose and present state of the Apostolic Federation fills me with joyful satisfaction. It has given rise to expectations in me that this work so corresponds with the demands of our times, and is developing so well into an instrument in the hands of Providence, that it will contribute towards uplifting the religious life of our shattered Fatherland.

I am certain that if our revered Founder were alive today, he would promote this work with ardent zeal, and try to spread it. From his grave, where I urgently recommended this latest work to the intercession of our apostolic Father, I therefore want to carry out an act that will, I hope, become a milestone in the entire development of the work.

After the generous decision of the present superiors of the house in Vallendar to place a number of rooms at the service of the purposes of the Apostolic Federation, and after I have succeeded with the help of benevolent hearts to improve the condition of these rooms and the adjoining Sodality Chapel, I, by virtue of my office, now solemnly transfer this chapel, as well as the rooms that have already been granted, to the Apostolic Federation for their permanent use.

It is my fervent wish that through this act I may secure and promote the existence of this God-pleasing work.
May it flourish and prosper to God's honour and glory, to the benefit of our holy religion, and as a blessing to the Church of God here on earth.

I shall not fail to pray in this spirit for this work to prosper, and if possible, I shall also interest our Holy Father in it.

Rome, on the Feast of the holy Apostles Simon and Jude,
28 October 1919.

Fr M. Kolb PSM
Provincial Superior”

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