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Memoirs of Fr Kolb

In 1942 Fr Kolb wrote:

In 1919, when a General Chapter at long last became possible after the war, my period of office as Provincial Superior came to an end. Yet I still had to find a solution to the question of relieving Fr Kentenich from his office as Spiritual Director and of releasing him completely for the tasks of the Apostolic Federation. If this was not done before I left office, the danger was great that my successor might not be in favour of doing so. On the other hand, I still had few possibilities of solving the problem, because the Provincial Council was not inclined to take such far-reaching decision in its final days. Then, seemingly at the last moment, something happened that appeared to make it possible. After he had been informed by Fr Kentenich about the situation, Bishop Hennemann, who was in Schoenstatt at the time, phoned me during our last Council session to emphasize the importance of solving the problem. This placed me in the fortunate position to be able to bring the matter to a favourable conclusion based on the recommendation of Bishop Hennemann. Fr Kentenich was released from office in order to serve the Apostolic Federation.

All that remained for me to do was to secure the old house for the purposes of the Federation. Fr Kentenich wanted this settled before I relinquished my office. So he wrote to me in Rome when I was already at the General Chapter. He put me in an awkward position. However, after mature reflection and consultation with my counsellors I decided on this final act. In an official document I declared that the old house had been handed over to the recently founded Apostolic Federation to be its home. That was the final act of my ten-year term of office as Provincial Superior.

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