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Development of the Shrine 1914-1919

Changes in 1919

A (somewhat incomplete) summary of the activities in 1919 can be found in a letter from Schoenstatt dated 26 May 1919. It was written by Johann Broich, a Sodalist and later a Franciscan in Brazil. When Fr Kentenich visited Brazil later, Fr Broich was able to do him a number of services while at the same time joyfully recalling the past. Johann wrote to Josef Fischer, who was in the meantime a seminarian for the Archdioces of Freiburg studying as St Peter’s Seminary there.

In this letter I cannot avoid approaching you with a request. Please be so kind and send me a photo of you as a Sodalist as soon as possible for the album of our Sodality soldiers. Besides this, I would like to ask you to tell me when you were called up, went into battle and were demobbed. In addition, please tell me which battles you took part in, if you were wounded, promoted, and whether you have any decorations in your possession. I would be very happy if you could reply very soon so that the album can be completed for the coming Sunday.

Our chapel is becoming more and more beautiful, and hence more attractive. The black marble memorial tablet inscribed with the names of each of the soldier Sodalists in golden letters is really wonderful. In addition, the wooden frame around the MTA picture, with the words ‘Servus Mariae nunquam peribit’ done in fretwork and lit with electric lights is delightful. Next month the Iron Crosses will be framed and that will bring our soldier period to an end. If you ever have an opportunity to come to your beloved Schoenstatt, please don’t miss it. It would be a real pity.

With every hope that I will receive word from you very soon, I remain with warmest regards and in constant love for our MTA, yours Johann Broich.

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