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Letter from Albert Eise, 23 November 1917

For the second time I have had the good luck to be able to stay in Schoenstatt and to greet our Mother. I am sure I may give her your greetings as well, can’t I? It is so lovely to be here again that I would love to stay here.

Nothing has changed, the chapel has hardly changed at all. Our Mother still looks so lovingly on her visitors, the altar is still adorned with greatest care, and the two statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus nd Mary still inspire devotion immediately.

Everything else is still the same as before: the sports fields, the gardens, the new house, Brother Biermann still opens the huge entrance door as friendly as ever. In the refectory there is still the same life as in the past.

It all makes me feel so at home that I was able to settle down again in this one day. There is only one thing that I miss – the boys of our class, especially you. The faces are almost all strange, but the innocence speaks from every eye, which does one so much good. It is obvious that the blessing of the Sodality rests on the College. I am now going to the meeting of the Eucharistic Section in order to get to know the life in the Sodality better.

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