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Development of the Shrine 1914-1919

The statue of the Sacred Heart

In a letter to Josef Fischer of 26 June 1915, Fr Kentenich told him that a statue of the Sacred Heart had been installed.

Konder has given us a beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart. A beautiful frame rises from the plinth, and we have inscribed it with the words: Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless and protect your beloved Sodalists in the holidays and on the battlefields in the year 1914/15.

As the first Child of Mary, our Lord is the first and best Sodalist – our Co-sodalist. In addition, every Saturday Holy Mass will be offered before the Mater ter admirabilis for the intentions of our Sodalists and all the intentions entrusted to them.

Since we are unable to pay our respects to our Mother Thrice Admirable during the holidays, a burning candle is to take our place. Are you satisfied with this?

When the statue of the Sacred Heart was installed in the left corner of the shrine (if you are facing the altar), the devotion to the Sacred Heart of that time was given a visible symbol. The house chronicle reports,

On 10 January 1915 we consecrated ourselves to the Sacred Heart, as was being done everywhere. In preparation there was Benediction with a fitting talk by Rev. Fr Kentenich on the three evenings beforehand.

The Eucharistic Section of the Sodality reflected intensively on the theory and practice of a Sacred Heart spirituality.

It is uncertain when a statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary came into the shrine. The picture shows it in the right hand corner. Judging from the style of the figures, it could have been donated at the same time as the statue of the Sacred Heart. Be that as it may, both statues are mentioned together later, for example, in a letter from Albert Eise:

I have had the good fortune to be able to stay in Schoenstatt a second time and to greet our Mother. I am sure I can greet her also on your behalf, can’t I? It is so lovely here that I would prefer to remain here.

Everything is unchanged; the shrine has hardly changed at all. Our Mother still looks so lovingly on all who visit her. The altar is still decorated with the same care as it was in our time, and the two statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary still engender devotion.

Everything else is still as it was: the playing fields, the gardens, the new house, Brother Biermann still opens the huge front door as friendly as ever. In the refectory there is still the same life as in the past.

It all makes me feel so at home that I immediately settled in. There is only one thing I miss – the boys of our class, especially you. I hardly know any of the faces, but innocence speaks from every eye, which does me good. It is obvious that the blessing of the Sodality rests on this institution. I am now going to the gathering of the Eucharistic Section in order to get to know the life of the Sodality better.

Statue until 1919

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